How Do I Choose A Dentist To Perform My Implant Procedure?

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In this post from Roy Dental Care in Roy UT we discuss dental implants: not the technology itself, but how to find the right dentist to place yours.

This is a key decision. A dental implant is permanent, and involves oral surgery. It also requires a financial investment. The wrong choice can lower the chances of success.

Here are the main things to keep in mind:


  • How many years has the dentist been performing implants?
  • How many implant procedures has he or she done?
  • How many years has the dentist been practicing restorative dentistry?

Patient Reviews

  • Online reviews are a great resource. Former patients not only give a star rating, some of them share details about their experience. Check out the reviews for any dentist you are thinking about. Visit multiple online platforms.

Office Atmosphere

  • Implants are typically done in a dental office. A modern dental practice with the latest technology helps ensure an effective outcome. When you visit the office, ask about their patient amenities. Observe the cleanliness of the office and friendliness of the team.

What About Price?

  • Dental implants are not usually covered by insurance (but check yours: you never know)
  • The cost from one practice to the next is generally comparable.
  • If you find a provider that has slashed the price, be cautious. A dental implant consists of a post, abutment and crown (or dental arch). Some implant-only clinics advertise the price for the post alone. This is misleading.

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