Gum Disease Treatment

Treat Periodontal Disease in Roy UT

gum disease treatment for West Haven and Roy UTAccording to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gum disease, or periodontal disease, affects nearly half of Americans over the age of 30. In order to prevent gum disease, it’s essential to have regular dental cleanings and checkups.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, also known as gingivitis or periodontal disease, is caused by long-term exposure to bacteria, plaque, and tartar. The longer the bacteria stays on the teeth, the more likely it is that gum disease will develop.

The first stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, causes red, swollen, and bleeding gums. Fortunately, gingivitis can be treated with proper brushing, flossing, and regular professional dental cleanings.

If left untreated, gingivitis can progress into a more severe infection, known as periodontitis. This periodontal disease causes gums to pull away from the teeth and form spaces or pockets that become infected, leading to bone loss and eventually lose teeth.

Gum Disease Treatment: What to Expect

A deep cleaning is required when plaque and tartar have accumulated far below the gum line. Special instruments are required to clean the surfaces of the teeth below the gum line.

To do this in a comfortable way for the patient, we must numb the teeth and gums. It is common for a patient’s gums to be sore after a deep cleaning. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are effective pain medications for patients who receive this treatment.

Benefits of Gum Disease Treatment in Roy and West Haven, UTWhat Other Benefits of Gum Disease Treatment Can I Enjoy?

Our gum disease treatments at Roy Dental Care can truly improve your life! Here are some additional benefits:

  • Less Pain During Chewing: If you’ve been suffering from gum disease, you know it can make chewing painful. Treatment can relieve that pain at last.
  • Protection for Your Teeth: An infection in your gums can spread to your teeth. Our treatment can prevent that.
  • Great Breath: If you have an infection in your gums, it can greatly reduce the appeal of your breath. When we destroy the infection, your breath—and your overall oral health—will improve.

Let Us Treat Your Gum Disease, So You Can Smile On!

Don’t put off the dental care that will get you living life to the fullest. Schedule an appointment for gum disease treatment today if you are in the Roy area, including Clinton and West Haven!

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