Celebrity Smiles Without The Annoying Paparazzi

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Celebrity Smiles In Hooper Without The Annoying Paparazzi

Close your eyes for just a moment, and picture the most brilliant smile you’ve ever seen. Perhaps it is the smile of your significant other, or your favorite actor or actress. What makes it so memorable? Whatever it is, you can get a smile just like it with cosmetic dentistry from Roy Dental Care in…

Which Type of Toothbrush is Best?

Toothbrush Wars in West Haven

Is an electric toothbrush better at cleaning your teeth than a manual toothbrush? The answer depends on who you ask, because both have their advocates. In this article from Roy Dental Care in Roy UT, we aren’t going to recommend one over the other. We’re just going to take a look at the world of…

Common Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

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Common Myths about Roy Family Cosmetic Dentistry

At Roy Dental Care in Roy UT, we improve smiles with cosmetic dentistry every day. From the questions that some patients ask, though, it’s clear that there are some common misconceptions about what cosmetic dentistry can and cannot do. So we’re using this blog post to clear up a few of them. Myth #1: Cosmetic…

4 Smile Boosters

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Hooper cosmetic dental and tooth implants

In this blog post from Roy Dental Care in Roy UT, we highlight four ways you can improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry. 1. Teeth Whitening is quick and non-invasive. External tooth whitening occurs when teeth whitening agents bleach the teeth directly. We have an in-office treatment and a take-home kit. Both are highly effective.…

Spotlight-Ready Smiles From Roy Dental Care In Roy, Utah

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what are dental implants

A mouth full of unattractive teeth can distract from anyone’s appearance. But a spotlight-ready smile, like what you can get with cosmetic dentistry from Roy Dental Care in Roy UT, can bring you increased satisfaction and confidence in your social interactions. Cosmetic dentistry is that branch of  dental science that creates positive changes to your…