Dental Membership Plan

Affordable Dental Coverage for You and Your Family

Are you currently without dental insurance? No problem! Fortunately, there are now options for the uninsured. At Roy Dental Care, our goal is to make your dental visits more affordable so you and your family can get the quality dental care you deserve. That’s why we offer a membership program to patients without dental insurance.

Dental Membership Plan

Our in-house dental membership allows individuals and families to receive our dental services for a monthly fee. Unlike traditional insurance, it’s not necessary to file a claim using our plan. Our membership plan allows for a simple, stress-free, and affordable trip to the dentist. Once enrolled, you’ll benefit from healthy mouth cleanings, exams, x-rays, and more. Instead of going years without dental care, become a loyal member to receive quality dental care for years.

Our Comprehensive plan includes:

  • 2 Dental exams per year
  • 1 emergency exam
  • 2 regular routine cleanings
  • 2 sets of routine x-rays
  • 2 fluoride applications
  • 2 oral cancer screenings
  • 1 occlusal health evaluation
  • $350/yr and 25% discount on restorative treatment

Contact Roy Dental Care for More Information

If you’re interested in enrolling or would like more information, contact Roy Dental Care today at 801-776-2806.