Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extraction Services for Roy UT

have a tooth pulled Roy UT and ClintonAt Roy Dental Care, we do everything in our power to keep every one of your teeth healthy and to save any natural teeth that are in danger. Every once in a while, though, one of your teeth may be too decayed or damaged to save. In fact, it could be dangerous to leave it in place.

In those cases, we have the expertise and the technology to perform almost any type of tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth removal. We will use all our experience to relieve your pain and repair your unique smile as quickly as possible.

What Is an Extraction Procedure Like?

Any type of surgery can cause worry in some people. However, many dental extractions are not actually surgeries. In some cases, your dentist can gently loosen a tooth with a simple dental tool (an “elevator”) and then get that tooth pulled with very little difficulty.

Some extraction procedures are more complex, such as wisdom teeth removal. In those cases, you can get laughing gas, if you request it; a movie to watch; and other amenities, such as refreshments, to make the experience as relaxing as possible.

With local anesthetic, you won’t feel any pain. The end result will be a real relief too. Your broken or infected tooth will be gone, and we can discuss the next step for its replacement.

wisdom teeth removal West Haven and Roy UTWhy Might I Need an Extraction?

We will only extract a tooth if there’s no possible way to save it. We would like to save you time and money by helping you keep your natural teeth. However, you might need a tooth extracted if it is so decayed that it can’t be filled in and crowned safely.

It may be that your other teeth are crowding a tooth that is growing in, and we might need to extract the growing tooth quickly to protect your other teeth. This is often the same reason for wisdom teeth removal.

Finally, you may have had an accident or injury that damaged the structure of a tooth so much that it isn’t usable any more. In such cases, replacing the tooth with a prosthetic can help you eat well again and protect your other teeth.

Call Roy Dental Care for an Emergency or Regular Tooth Extraction

If you have a tooth that is damaged and causing you pain, it might be an emergency. We will fit you in as quickly as we can. Call us today if you need a standard tooth extraction instead. We are committed to relieving your pain and getting you back on the path to better oral health and work with patients all over the Roy area, including Clinton and West Haven.

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