Emergency Dental Care

Your Emergency Dentist in Roy UT

emergency dental care for West Haven and Clinton UTDental emergencies can be stressful if they happen to you and maybe even more stressful when they happen to someone you love. At Roy Dental Care, we can help you in the midst of that difficult time through emergency dental care.

We can schedule you for a dental appointment within the same day you need us. Let us be your emergency dentist.

We’ve handled all of these situations before. No matter how anxious you are or how much tooth pain you have, we’ll quickly help you get the relief you need. We’ll make the procedure as professional and calming as possible to get you through this.

We can treat any of your distressing dental symptoms. If it worries you, it becomes our priority as well. Whether a tooth has been knocked out or you are experiencing tooth pain, we can help you quickly.

get tooth pain relief for Roy and West HavenHow to Safely Retrieve a Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth or a loved one’s tooth has been knocked out, it’s possible to save it. Use the steps below as a guideline for this dental emergency:

  • Make an appointment: Call us right away so that we can schedule you for emergency dental care. The sooner we can start on your procedure, the better chance we have of saving the natural tooth. It’s much easier and less expensive to keep your own tooth than to get a replacement.
  • Pick up the tooth by the enamel: You need to retrieve your tooth. Never touch the exposed root, which is very fragile.
  • Rinse out your mouth: Check if there are any large pieces of your tooth in your mouth. If there are, keep them with the whole tooth that you picked up.
  • Rinse off the enamel: Gently rinse off the outside of your tooth with lukewarm water without any scrubbing or soap. Again, be careful not to touch the root.
  • Try to put the tooth back in your socket: It may sound strange, but the pH balance in your mouth is perfect for preserving a damaged tooth as long as possible. If you can hold it in your socket, that is best. If not, put it in a container of cold milk.

Call Roy Dental Care Right Away

Call us for the earliest appointment we can get for you if you are in the Roy area, including Clinton and West Haven. As your emergency dentist, we’ll do everything possible to save your tooth or to relieve whatever is causing your tooth pain.

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